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Who we are

Cronos is made for the world of masternode coins!

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Fairness for everybody

If you have already bought masternodes (in the presale phase), you surely are aware of possible problems — different portals, untrustworthy people, strange presale auctions and a lot of scammers.

All in all there is a huge variety and it is an unsatisfactory situation for both - masternode investors and developers that can cost a lot of energy, time and money.

All those problems need smart developers to tackle the challenges and to create solutions that are suitable for everyone. This is the main idea behind Cronos!

Step 1: More than just a presale page

To overcome those problems, we provide a toolchain for masternode coins to solve the stated problems transparently and concisely.

Take a look at some of the main features of our “Presale-Suite” software toolchain (the first of many other tools to be released):

  • Multi-platform
  • Multi-device
  • Cloud-based
  • Open Source
  • Smart contract based (Ethereum blockchain)
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Integrated bonus system (optional)
  • and many more...

Just take a look at our roadmap and our whitepaper to learn more!

The Cronos Coin | CRSX
Let's take a closer look at the coin specification

Coin type


Maximum supply

50,500,000 + Community blocks

Block time

2 minutes

Masternode collateral

15,000 CRSX

Masternode reward

80% block reward

Minimum staking age

1 hour

Maximum block size

3 MB

Reward structure


Proof of Stake

Block height Staking Masternode Reward sum
1 - 20,000 50 CRSX 200 CRSX 250 CRSX
20,000 - 40,000 40,5 CRSX 162 CRSX 202,5 CRSX
40,000 - 60,000 36,45 CRSX 145,8 CRSX 182,25 CRSX
every 20k blocks 10% reduction 10% reduction 10% reduction
Cronos Logo Text

Cronos is a "Proof-of-Stake" (short "PoS") masternode coin like Dash or PIVX (see technical details). Instead of mining from the classical point of view (the so called "Proof-of-Work" approach), transactions will be done via the “trustworthiness of the collective” by simply holding coins in the wallet.

Cronos was made for improving the “ecosystem of masternodes” and to make it both, more user-friendly and safer to use.

We bring fairness to masternodes.

Presale system features

Not just a simple crowdsale contract!

In contrast to existing solutions our presale system is way more than just a crowdsale contract.

In addition to the Ethereum based smart contract implementation, we also offer the appropriate frontend built with Angular 7 for a smooth user interaction.

Our open source toolchain should adapt to community needs and will be improved/extended over time.

Cronos presale platform technology. Angaular. Ethereum.

Feature list

  • Smart contract based (Ethereum blockchain)
  • Available for both, desktop and mobile
  • Integrated bonus/referral system
    • Instant payouts
    • Fully configurable (also after deployment)
    • Downline explorer
  • Built on top of state-of-the-art technology
  • Full anonymity
  • No additional costs as with custom payment providers
  • Compatible to most coin wallets
  • ERC20 capable
  • Web3 compatible
Mobile phone usage of Cronos presale platform.
Desktop usage of Cronos presale platform.
Desktop usage of Cronos presale platform.

Our roadmap

The Cronos project is constantly evolving - take a look at our roadmap

Quarter 4 | 18

  • Launch CRSX coin
  • Launch wallets
  • Apollon Node-Builder listing
  • Masternodes Online listing
  • Community building

Quarter 1 | 19

  • Exchange listing
  • Open source release of the first software version (as used in our own presale phase)
  • Support for other coin projects to implement the presale solution
  • Community building, Marketing, Bounties, Airdrops…

Quarter 2 | 19 - open end

  • Further incentive program improvements
  • Presale mobile app
  • Further improvements/adaptions for the platform (since the whole project will be open sourced and should be community driven)


Take a closer look at our whitepaper to learn more about Cronos!

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